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A Career at AIGP


AIGP recruits experienced people, as well as inexperienced ones to be trained, depending on need. For positions not requiring experience, candidates who have a sound educational background and who are capable of learning are preferred. On the other hand, for positions requiring experience, candidates who have experience in the area required by the position and will be able to contribute to the company are preferred. While candidates are expected to have certain qualifications, depending on the work to be done, regardless of the department where they will work all candidates must share a core competence.

Decisions concerning who will be hired upon rigorous assessment of the competence and technical skills expected from candidates through recruitment processes consisting of structured instruments.

Human Resources Planning

AIGP’s competitive growth targets in local market provide employees many opportunities for career development. Performance is integral to AIGP culture and potential determines the future. Through, for example, 360° competence assessment and the development center, employees get feedback concerning potential. Development plans are made in line with the future goals of employees and the company.

Human Resources Planning

You can send your CV to for career oppotunities in AIGP.

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