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Abdi İbrahim

Abdi Ibrahim Company was established in 1912 as a small pharmaceutical laboratory. The company has become the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical sector on trade turnover due to its unique vision of the market, dynamic structure and modern perspective on the business. Abdi Ibrahim Company employs the greatest number of people, which is about 3,000 of qualified staff, and within the sector it is the company with the largest sales and marketing team.

While holding an important position in the pharmaceutical sector, with a portfolio, which includes 180 brands, as well as the performance of 350 million packages and about 30 licensors, with these achievements Abdi Ibrahim Company reached the international level, exporting products to more than 50 countries.

Abdi Ibrahim company is the owner of Turkey's first accredited research center and transfers 6,5% of annual turnover to research and development. Abdi Ibrahim Company was awarded by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for a responsible approach to people and the environment. By signing the Global Compact in 2010, Abdi Ibrahim Company operates in accordance with the following principles: reliability, transparency and responsibility.

Abdi Ibrahim Company in its 100-year anniversary has started a "Campaign for rational use of medications" program, which aims to increase public awareness on the irrational use of medicines, which is very important for public health and the national economy and ultimately will contribute to a change of attitude to this issue.

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